Stroll across the historic village of Santar through its gardens. A village encompassed in gardens, vegetable gardens and vineyards that are crossed by an unbroken series of gardens such as Casa de Santar e Magalhães Garden, passing through the Magnolia Garden, the Linhares Garden, the Ibérico Nogueira Garden, a garden divided into plots of cultivation, the Igreja da Misericórdia Garden, and finally the Casa das Fidalgas Garden, with a wavy vineyard that rhythms the mountains that surround the region. Explore the Interpretative Centre of the Santar Vila Jardim and Casa de Santar e Magalhães, where you can visit the old kitchen, the Chapel and Sacristy built in the 17th century. And to end this wonderful visit, enjoy a wine tasting of Santar Vila Jardim Red Wine and Santar Vila Jardim White Wine.

  • DURATION | 2h


  • PRICE | 25 € /p

  • GROUP PRICE +3 | 22.50 € /p