# 01  Gardens

Discover the Historic Village of Santar and the Vila Jardim Project through its gardens, designed by landscape architect Fernando Caruncho. Be surprised by the rich cultural heritage, the historical gardens and the infinite landscape set by vineyards and flanked by mountains on the horizon. Walls were broken down and gardens added, allowing you to discover the paths of boxwood, the tiles, the alegretes, the vegetable gardens, the beauty of the colours and intense fragrances. Highlighting the beauty and appeal of the Portuguese gardens. Explore our historical gardens, vineyards, and vegetable gardens. Gardens to visit: Counts of Santar e Magalhães, Magnolia, Linhares, Casa dos Linhares and Hotel Valverde Santar.

# 02  Gardens & House

In the House of the Counts of Santar e Magalhães, whose origin goes back to the end of the 16th century – with additions in later centuries – an Interpretive Centre has been created on the ground floor. From there, a guided tour will take us for a stroll. We will be able to see the Sacristy and the Chapel dedicated to San Francis of Assis, the 3-dimensional model of the Santar Garden Village project, as well as various items such as carriages and litters. Textiles are also present: vestments, civil clothes, cardinal attire, baptism capes and liveries. Revisit ancient times entering through the old kitchen, built in the 17th century, where you can still admire the copper pots and the fountain with spring water. All this legacy is part of the family´s history down the centuries.

# 03  Gardens & Wines

Stroll across the historic village of Santar through its gardens. A village encompassed in gardens, vegetable gardens and vineyards that are crossed by an unbroken series of gardens such as the Garden of the Counts of Santar e Magalhães, passing through the Magnolia Garden, Linhares Garden, Casa dos Linhares Garden, the latter divided into plots of cultivation, and finally the Hotel Valverde Santar Garden, with a wavy vineyard that rhythms the mountains that surround the region. Visit the modern Winery of Santar Vila Jardim, built with state-of-the-art technology to create the best wines, made from selected grapes from the vineyard gardens. To end this wonderful visit, enjoy a wine tasting of Santar Vila Jardim Red Reserve Wine and Santar Vila Jardim White Wine.

# 04  Gardens Gourmet

Explore the Historic Village of Santar through its gardens, vegetable gardens and vineyards, discover the model of the Santar Vila Jardim project, designed by the unique landscape architect Fernando Caruncho. Stroll through the Counts of Santar e Magalhães, Magnolia, Linhares, Casa dos Linhares, and Hotel Valverde Santar Gardens. Taste your senses with Santar Vila Jardim White and Red Reserve Wines and indulge yourself with the infamous Serra da Estrela cheeses that come accompanied with our popular wheat bread in firewood oven, smoked ham, regional sausage, seasonal fruit and vegetables, such as sweet strawberries or cherry tomato with fresh oregano from our vegetable garden. Indulge yourself and enjoy!

# 05  Gardens & Historic Village

On a stroll through the amazing village of Santar, venture out to discover the streets and alleys, where granite is present, a profusion of walls, fountains, tanks, and noble, agricultural, rustic, and religious buildings. Behind these walls, there are gardens with boxwood hedges, tanks are hidden, the fountains are heard, rose gardens and vineyards are opened up. Walk through the gardens of the Counts of Santar e Magalhães, Magnólia, Linhares, Casa dos Linhares Garden, Misericórdia and Hotel Valverde Santar. Visit the charming Chapel of the House Nossa Senhora da Piedade, a beautiful example of Joanine style in the Historic Village of Santar.

# 06  Gardens Tailor Made

We create experiences that take you to the essence of Santar, the Garden Village. Enjoy unique moments designed for you, like a lunch under a pergola covered by Santa Teresinha roses, or on the porch of the Counts of Santar e Magalhães House with an outstanding view to Serra da Estrela mountain-range, a wine tasting with the Winemaker Eng. Pedro Vasconcellos e Souza, or a visit accompanied by the founding family of the project… Let us know what you like and enjoy a unique experience.