Visit the Interpretative Centre and the historical village of Santar through its gardens. Within the charming village of Santar you’ll find the Gardens of Casa de Santar e Magalhães, the Magnolia Garden, the Linhares Garden, the Ibérico Nogueira Vegetable Garden, the Igreja da Misericórdia Garden, and Casa das Fidalgas Garden. At Casa de Santar e Magalhães, visit the 17th century kitchen where you can find the spring fountain dedicated to Saint Antony of Lisbon, the Chapel and the Sacristy, the historic lounge and the porch. Indulge yourself with a wine tasting of the renowned wines of Santar Vila Jardim, red and white. And to end your visit in the village of Santar in the best way, enjoy the finest food of the region, in a peculiar space, the Belvedere (as seen above), a panoramic wood pavilion surrounded by osmanthus fragrans and olea fragrans of wonderful fragrance, where you can see the new vineyard, Casa das Fidalgas and Village of Santar and, in the background, an immense Beira plateau, at the foot of the Serra da Estrela mountain-range.

  • DURATION | 3h



  • PRICE | 50 € /p

  • GROUP PRICE +10 | 47.50 € /p

    Performance of the Folklore and Ethnographic Group of the Village of Santar for groups +10 25€ /p