Have the unique opportunity to share a guided visit to Santar Vila Jardim attended by the founders of the project and, if you wish, complete the visit with a Santar Vila Jardim wine tasting with the winemaker and artist himself.

José Luís Vasconcelos e Sousa, Count of Santar, takes you on a discovery of the village of Santar through its gardens and vineyard gardens, in this natural connection between the countryside and the village, creating a sense of connection with the landscape and recognition of the ancestral wine culture that determines a particular modus vivendi. As José himself says: “What satiates this visit will not be to fill it with everything, nor make it a museum that has stopped in time, but to feel and taste its cultural authenticity internally: the history of families, the gardens, the seasons of the year, the smells and flavours of the region, the endogenous vegetation and landscape, the wine, the manor houses, the religious and vernacular heritage, the granite, the people and their customs”.

Pedro Vasconcellos e Souza, Count of Magalhães, gives you a taste of the Dão nectar, with his own signature. In a village where the culture of wine is so ingrained, where the customs of the people are marked by this wine experience, with a strong cultural expression through the stages of wine production, the work of the countryside, the joy of the festivities alluding to the harvests and the close relationship with the religious legacy, discover the history of Dão wine and Santar Vila Jardim wine through the voice of a crucial person in the wine context of the Santar region. Enjoy a visit to taste the grape varieties of the region and its distinctive terroir.

  • DURATION | 3 h



  • PRICE | 100 € /p

  • GROUP PRICE +5 | 90 € /p

  • Performance of the Folklore and Ethnographic Group of the Village of Santar for groups +10 | 25€ /p